Buddhism Foundation for Community Development (BFCD)
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The Ministry of Interior (MoI) approved and registered the Buddhist Foundation for Community Development (BFCD) in February 2009 to work in 7 Provinces: Siem Reap, Banteay Meanchey, Preah Vihea, Udor Meanchey, Koh Kong, Steung Treng and Pursat. The BFCD head office is based in Siem Reap Province.

With an expansion goal that includes 17 provinces/cities around Cambodia, support is needed.  
Assistance with the following is needed:

  • Volunteers,
  • Technical experts,
  • School supplies,
  • Sponsorship of the various programs, students and families.

With this support, we will provide the poorest communities with English classes, health education, agricultural and vocational training and job placements, plus business operation and management, good governance, and better farming practices that address environmental concerns.


                   Board dvisors of BFCD NGO_01Jan2014.pdf


 Problem Statement

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

Cambodia is a country with  a rapidly growing economy, approximately 6% per year.  However, 36% of its people live in extreme poverty with little hope for education or a future.  85% of the poor are farmers who have experienced natural disasters, know little about modern farming and have growing debt due to poor rice yields. There is insufficient land for housing and for farming. Despite the economic growth and natural resources that the country has discovered, there is not much help or hope for the poor.  Often, children do not or cannot attend school thereby prolonging the problem and leaving little hope for future generations.

How will this project solve this problem?

BFCD provides education for children and parents, people with disabilities and elderly people, with a focus on English, health, nutrition, vocational training and business practices.  Plus, due to the current farming challenges with a changing climate, BFCD intends to bring experts in agriculture to teach modern methods that address climate and environmental changes and that will improve long-term farming practices and food production.

In 2014, 500 families will benefit from this training through Self Help Groups/ Saving Groups and individuals. With financial support, this number can expand to include more people and more fields of education.

Potential Long Term Impact

By learning English, opportunities for each child improve. They feel greater self-worth and can find jobs to improve the living conditions of their families. With better health due to understanding the basics of nutrition and cleanliness, family members will not be forced to stay home to care for the ill and instead can work.

With better farming practices, limited land can produce more food without long-term damage to the land or to the people. With Climate Change Adaptation training, farmers are able to manage their rice field calendar and field preparation. With good governance, the Cambodian people, including the local authorities, will be able to work toward community solidarity and support and respect each other. As the poor improve, so does the future of Cambodia.

 BFCD Strategy


BFCD is committed to teach English, agriculture, health, vocational skills, and to  provide job placement, good governance while instilling environmental awareness so that orphans, disabled people, the poorest children and students, elderly and vulnerable people find hope and opportunity for a better future.


Our goal and dedication is to achieve the overall support to lift the poorest of the poor Cambodians into a better future.  We focus on the most vulnerable including orphans, people with disabilities, the poorest students and elderly. By providing practical training in agriculture, health and environmental concerns plus facilitating job placement and the growth of mico-business, communities will develop with better incomes, living conditions, hope and opportunities for the future.

Major Activities:

1. English, Khmer Teaching for children and adults
2. Agriculture Production
3. Water Sanitation and Health Education
4. Vocational Training and Job placement

5. Good Governance and Climate Change Adaptation



 5 Main Objectives:

Objective 1: The children and adult people will improved their English and Khmer to fit the job requirements at local and national levels.

Objective 2: The children and adult people will improved their food security and nutrition through accessible with the agriculture production and marketing

Objective 3: The children and adult people will accessed to clean water, sanitation and hygiene through well construction, water sanitation training and health education.  

Objective 4: The children and adult people will trained on vocational training and Job placement towards success in their business operation and management.


Objective 5: All people in Cambodia will received a good governance and climate

change concepts and practices for their daily works including local authorities,

formal and informal committee and community Based Organizations.



Executive Director
BSc in Eco Dev, MBA,MPA, DBA (ongoing)
Target Beneficiaries

"Orphans, Handicaps, Elderly & Vulnerable People and the dropped out school Children "